Safety first..and always

We believe that each of us at NCTES, regardless of the work we do, plays a vital role in achieving a "Safe" work environment. NCTES's Health and Safety standards continue to be above government requirements in our industry. Our Health and Safety Program has earned us a safety record that consistently exceeds the industry average by 90%. But we didn't get there by sitting back and letting others lead the way. We are industry leaders, and we intend to keep it that way!

How did we get there?

By actively participating in industry based safety committees and sharing the resources of our company with any workplace party that needs assistance, we are able to expect higher performance from our subcontractors and enable their success. Full integration of safety planning with construction scheduling allows a maximum level of safety, which in turn, creates higher efficiency and productivity. To us, it's just good business to look after all the people involved on our projects.

Unique projects = unique safety considerations

Active involvement of Safety specialists on each project ensures that corporate objectives and standards are achieved, and that project safety is tailored to the specific attributes and hazards associated with the project. Our Health and Safety Department is a made up of individuals dedicated to ensuring that all NCTES staff, contractors, owners - on jobsites across the country and around the world - are able to work confidently and excel in a safe and controlled environment. But ultimately, success is achieved only with everyone's commitment and participation. The Safety Department personnel are the coaches, mentors and leaders but it is everyone whose commitment and participation enable NCTES to excel.

NCTES's commitment to achieving "Safe" working environments is just another part of "Building Great Relationships", with our own personnel, and everyone else associated with our work. It's not a commitment to an ideal; it's a commitment to people!

Our approach to safety is guided by five key objectives:

  1. To provide a program of safety and health consistent with best-in-class construction practices.
  2. To create a culture of safety-consciousness at every level of the organization.
  3. To minimize accidents through the integration of job-hazard analysis and phase preplanning on each project.
  4. To provide a uniform policy of safety management consistent with the recommendations of OSHA, Project Owners, the Associated General Contractors and insurance carriers.
  5. To continuously strive to update and improve our safety training through advances in technology, historical data and industry best practices.

Health and Safety Program

By implementing the fundamental elements of a systematic approach to safety, all NCTES employees and project team members benefit from safe, healthy working conditions. Our focus on safety, however, reaches far beyond simply protecting NCTES interests and employees; it also benefits our clients and the communities in which we live and work. Our excellent safety record translates into lower workers' compensation insurance and liability rates and, therefore, reduced costs and risks to our clients. Furthermore, we work closely with clients and stakeholders to ensure we support their unique safety requirements. This includes taking a forward-looking view of safety to embed it for the long-term, incorporating safety in design to help vital infrastructure stand the test of time.

NCTES introduced the Safe Start program, which outlines a visible minimum standard of health and safety that is diligently communicated and enforced at every level of our organization. The program empowers our employees to engage and involve themselves in every aspect of health and safety across all areas, activities and disciplines. Each level of management demonstrates safety leadership, providing a safe work environment and promoting safety as a value.

Safe Start encourages a approach to health and safety. Safe Start policies and procedures include a code of safe work practices for construction; a substance abuse program; confined space program; as well as a host of practices compliant with global, regional, state, county or city-specific standards. By implementing the fundamental concepts of a systematic approach to safety, NCTES employees and project team members enjoy safe and healthful working conditions.

The Safe Start program is one example of our commitment to improving corporate and project health and safety, not only through the reduction of incidents, but through the introduction, application, compliance and continuous improvement of our health and safety management. As we apply lessons learned and implement best practices across the globe, we inform and educate our employees to ensure a consistent approach and safe, healthy working environment across all projects and offices during the planning, management and execution of our work. Our policies and procedures are continuously reviewed and updated and are always readily available. As in all vital aspects of our business, our executive leaders are heavily involved with our health and safety program, providing the leadership necessary to engage our people in the promotion and achievement of our safety performance.

"We are committed to providing a safe and healthful working environment for all employees. We will ensure our work does not adversely affect the health or safety of others. It is both a moral obligation and sound business practice to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. "

"We praise innovation in our approach to projects but set boundaries on quality and safety."