At NCTES, we strive to deliver our projects to clients in the most effective and beneficial manner possible. Attention to your needs is of the utmost concern and importance to us.

We understand that your project impacts your bottom line and cannot be adversely affected. As such, we endeavor to tailor and develop our Client First Program around continual communications and execution that lives up to this commitment. We look to continuously build new and Stronger relationships with owners, architects, subcontractors and suppliers who may participate in a project. At NCTES, we not only provide good services, we build on great relationships.

The Client First Program ensures that we will...

Protect your interests

We will protect your interests at all times, on a proactive basis. It is our primary responsibility in working with you. Our people are mandated to view issues from your perspective, to understand how delivery of the project relates to your business.

Address your concerns

Your time is valuable and we will provide a prompt response to any concerns you have about the service you are receiving. This response will come from:

  1. Project Manager
  2. General Manager
  3. Administrative Manager

Communicate openly

We will communicate with you in a completely open, efficient and timely manner, respecting the confidentiality of your information at all times. This includes issuing required reports to you on time, providing you with concise information on the implications of decisions you will be asked to make and giving you maximum advance notice of upcoming issues or challenges.

Be professional

We will undertake your project in a manner that is fair and consistent with our position as a leader in international construction. We will be courteous, well organized, professional, ethical and consistently apply the highest technical standards.

Provide qualified staff

We will provide qualified professionals to work on every detail of your project. Our people are highly experienced, knowledgeable and committed to our Client First Program.

Work safely

We will make all reasonable provisions for the safeguarding of life, health and property of all persons who may be affected by our work. Failing to do so is completely unacceptable.

Treat everyone equally

We will follow our specific policy of zero tolerance of any discrimination based on race, gender, age or sexual orientation, both in our hiring practices and in our interactions with you. We are an equal opportunity employer.